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Welcome to the Family

So how do I start this off...

My name is Stephen Heath and I have been in this industry for going on 12 years. I fell in love with this industry when I realized how important it is to keep homes and businesses pest free.

I have worked for large corporate companies and other "family owned companies".

But the Pandemic opened my eyes and made me realize that I needed to create something for myself, My family, and my community.

I was born and raised in south jersey. Raised by a carpenter and a Teacher who gave more than they received most times. They instilled in me a lot of great and valuable lessons. But one being is to always give back. So this is my pledge that for as long as Pest Assured is around will always do my best to give back to the communities. If you have an event or need a sponsor i will do my best to help.

I was born with a disability and raised like I didn't have one. I believe that this has made me stronger. This is all because my parents wanted better for me. And here I am today starting this journey. But I can promise everyone that there is nothing that will stop me from giving each and every one of you everything I have to make sure that your problems are taken care of.

I would also like to thank my Wife who has helped me throughout all of this because i know nothing about social Media except posting funny pictures. I can guarantee you will be hearing her voice on the other end of the phone. So to my Wife I Love you and thank you for joining me on this journey.

So thank you for my rambling. I hope to serve everyone in the years to come. Please don't be a stranger and welcome to the Pest Assured Family!!!

Stephen Heath

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